We provide speech therapy and feeding therapy services in the home and preschool settings in Wake County and and surrounding areas. In most cases, an evaluation will take place first in order to determine if therapy is recommended and to develop an appropriate and customized treatment plan. We often target goals related to:

  • Dysphagia (Feeding) at the table

  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding

  • Expressive Language

  • Receptive Language

  • Articulation

  • Fluency

  • Voice

Comprehensive Evaluation-
This includes a parent interview and evaluation. You will be provided with a complete evaluation report within 7 days of your child’s evaluation. If therapy is recommended, a custom treatment plan will also be given to you.

Therapy Session-
This includes direct therapy with your child as well as parent education to discuss any questions you have or strategies that can be used throughout the week. Therapy sessions are typically at a consistent time and place each week in either your home or preschool setting, which allows for maximum carry-over for skills and strategies learned during sessions.

According to the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC), “Positive early experiences are essential prerequisites for later success in school, the workplace, and the community. Services to young children who have or are at risk for developmental delays have been shown to positively impact outcomes across developmental domains, including health, language and communication, cognitive development and social/emotional development. Families benefit from early intervention by being able to better meet their children’s special needs from an early age and throughout their lives. Benefits to society include reducing economic burden through a decreased need for special education.” (Source: http://www.nectac.org/~pdfs/pubs/importanceofearlyintervention.pdf)