We offer the following classes:

The Kid’s Table

Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, starting solids, and learning to eat different textures at the table can feel overwhelming for parents to take on. In this 2-hour class, we answer all of your questions about how to feed your little one, including how to start solids. Let us help you set up your child for positive eating habits based on what is right for your family! 

 This class also covers the following topics:
·     Oral Mechanism structure and function development
·     Introducing bottles
·     Pacifier use
·     Choosing products based on your child’s needs
·     Feeding readiness for starting solids
·     Picky eating
·     Cup drinking and Sippy cups
·     Self-feeding and Baby Led Weaning

Now We’re Talking

This 2-hour class includes an overview of speech and language development for your child from birth to school-age. We cover how to create a language-rich environment, and how to encourage your child to effectively communicate at an age-appropriate level. 

 This class also covers the following topics:
·     Babbling
·   Sign Language and how to use it
·     Encouraging your child to start talking
·     Social interactions
·     Screen time
·     Milestones
·     Troubleshooting
·     Navigating tantrums
·     Strategies for all ages

If you are interested in hosting a class, please
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